Back Remembering to take your meds

Taking your medications properly is very important in treating your epilepsy. It is important not to skip doses and to establish a schedule you can remember and stick with. A few tips for sticking with your epilepsy medication schedule are:

Fill a pill box with a week’s epilepsy medication. If, at the end of the week, you have leftover pills, you know you missed a few doses and can correct that pattern. Keep the pill box out of children’s reach.

Leave yourself notes. Write reminders in your day planner or put sticky notes on your refrigerator or medicine cabinet – anywhere you will see them.

Program electronic alerts. Program your digital watch, cell phone, or e-mail program to alert you to take your epilepsy medication.

Make an entry into your seizure diary every time you take your medication. You can download our Seizure Tracking Diary, to make tracking your seizures easier.

Medication schedule worksheets (as well as seizure logging forms) are available at