Back Making the most of your appointments

The more you take control, the better you can manage your epilepsy. Managing epilepsy is best handled by taking a team approach between doctors and patients. The team may include your family doctor, neurologist or epileptologist, neurosurgeon, nurse, psychologist, social worker, and members of your family. Since you know yourself better than anyone, your input is vital.

  • Plan in advance for your doctor appointments; list questions ahead of time as you think of them, and have them ready to ask at the appointment.
  • Keep track of your seizures, or have a family member chart them so you will know if they are increasing, and tell your doctor about any changes.
  • During office visits, write down specific details, such as medication changes, to ensure you’ll remember them later (or bring a family member with you to take notes).
  • Fill out a medical history and seizure diary and bring it with you to doctor appointments.
  • Discuss your feelings and personal issues with your health care professionals as this information often has an impact on their choice of treatment.
  • Keep following up with your neurologist, since they are the best person to share this information with. If you are still having seizures or are having difficulty with side effects, you may need a change in your epilepsy medicine or dose.
  • Remember that your doctor is your best resource for information about your therapies and medications.