Back How can I manage my epilepsy?

The more you take control, the better you can manage your epilepsy. Following doctors’ orders and taking medication as it is prescribed is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Understand your epilepsy, including your seizure type.

  • Don’t stop taking your medication unless your doctor says to do so. Even if you feel that your seizures have stopped, remember that any changes in medication must come from your doctor.

  • If you miss a dose, consult your doctor. Medications must be taken at regular intervals; don’t try to make up for a missed dose by taking it when you remember or doubling up the next time.

  • Keep track of your seizures, or have a family member chart them so you will know if they are increasing, and tell your doctor about any changes. To make tracking your seizures easier, try using our Seizure Tracking Diary.

  • Take your epilepsy medication regularly. If you have difficulty remembering, your pharmacy may carry special containers that you can fill with your pills for the week to help you keep track.

Keep following up with your neurologist. If you are still having seizures or are having difficulty with side effects, you may need a change in your epilepsy medicine or dose.

Remember that your doctor is your best resource for information about your therapies and medications.