About E-Action®

E-Action® is more than an epilepsy initiative – it’s a voice for epilepsy patients.

By providing education on seizures, featuring inspirational patient stories, and addressing topics important to people who are touched by epilepsy, E-Action® aims to break down barriers and act as advocates for all Canadians affected by epilepsy.

We provide learning resources, support, and encouragement to Canadians with epilepsy, across multiple platforms:

Our website features tips and tools for epilepsy management, educational videos, and access to the E-Action® magazine. It also includes downloadable PDFs that can assist you with managing your epilepsy.

E-Action® Magazine
Our FREE magazine features inspiring stories from real epilepsy patients-turned-advocates, with spotlights on specific advocates. It also provides education and advice from Canadian neurologists and updates about what’s happening in the epilepsy community.