Safety tips
Caregiver Tips
How can I remember to take my epilepsy medications?

Taking your medications properly is very important in treating your epilepsy. It is important not to skip doses and to establish a schedule you can remember and stick with.
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How can I safeguard my kitchen?

Every home has at least two main areas that can invite harm—the kitchen and bathroom. During or after some seizures, people can become confused and risk injury. There are several things you can do to decrease the chance of accidents.
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How can I safeguard my bathroom?
  • Install a device in your tub and shower head that controls temperature. This will keep you from burning yourself should a seizure occur
  • Carpet the floor—carpet is softer and less slippery than tile
  • Do not put a lock on the bathroom door. If you have one, don’t use it. Someone should always be able to get in if you need help
  • Use non-skid strips in tub or shower and install tub rails or grab bars
  • Use protective covers on faucet handles, nozzles, and countertop edges to help cushion falls and reduce injuries
  • Use electric razors rather than blades to avoid cuts
  • Install the bathroom door to swing outward to allow entry into the room in case of a fall against the door
  • Keep electrical equipment such as hair dryers, radios, razors away from water sources.

Can I participate safely in physical activities?

You can play sports with epilepsy. Some studies have shown that physical activity can decrease seizure activity. However, it’s a good idea to have someone with you who knows how to manage a seizure. Wearing head protection is also recommended when participating in a contact sport that can result in falling or hitting your head.
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